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By participating in the Digital Business Beginner-Course, you will make a first Step to learn the essential Knowledge for the Digital Economy and to get yourself and your Company ready for your Future in the Digital Age. The Course will enable you not only to get involved and to talk about Digitalization, but also to take the Initiative in finding new Approaches for Digital Business Models and Digital Business Processes. Against this Background, the Online-Course especially focuses on the Question of how information collection, information processing, and information transfer generate added value on the Internet.


It’s all about the essential Knowledge needed to run Digital Business!     

Digital Technology

Digital Business means using Information Technologies for initializing (information phase), negotiating (communication phase), and executing (transaction phase) Business Processes between economic Partners via innovative communication Networks.

In this part of the Course, Participants learn about the Characteristics of Digital Technologies such as Internet, Mobile Communications, and Interactive Television. Moreover, related basic Information about digital Communication and key functions regarding E-Commerce, M-Commerce, and T-Commerce is introduced.

Digital Added Values

Information exchange via digital “zeros and ones” is the central Component of Digital Business. As such, Digital Information becomes a stand-alone competitive factor in the Digital Economy. The Goal of Digital Business is to create electronic value that the Customer is willing to pay for, directly or indirectly.

In this part of the Course, Participants learn about the different central electronic values added and gain insights about how to create these by an electronic value creation process based on Digital Information.

Digital Business Models

Content, Commerce, Context, Connection, and Communication… These are the five basic Concepts for electronic Business Models in the Digital Economy. Against this Background, digital added values can be offered via different Platforms such as Digital Shop or Digital Marketplace.

In this part of the Course, Participants learn how to generate Revenue via the different C-Concepts in Digital Business and how to generate the necessary digital value added. Many Examples provide insights into potential Implementations in practice.

Digital Competition

Both in real and digital commerce, we have to realize every Day that there is already an intensive Competition with the Digital Platforms on the Internet. Dealing with price-related, communicative, and sales-related Aspects is a special Challenge, given the very transparent Online-Competition.

In this part of the Online-Course, Participants learn about the different Strategies in the Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 for their own online Activities. The latest Trends, but also the continuous Advancement of existing Concepts are finally considered.

Digital Business Beginner: The Online-Course for getting started in the Digital Economy

Now you can acquire fundamental Knowledge about Digital Business Processes and Business Models anywhere and anytime – as a self-study Course alongside your Job. It has never been easier to get ready for the Digital Economy! We offer an elaborate Presentation of the learning Content including Text, Images, Sound, Video, Animations, Interactive Graphics etc.


Divided into six Chapters with lots of different Media Formats and interesting Contents, the Course will equip you to find your way successfully around the Digital Economy – from your Home or at the Workplace. Our cloud-based learning System means you can learn whenever and wherever you like. Professionally prepared Contents and attractive Media Formats are fun to use and increase your Knowledge. The attractive Price for the Course is only 74.90 € per Participant (40 Hours Workload = 1.87 Euro/Hour; only over Group License available)!

Get started immediately with a single license or request group licenses here...

DBB Motivation Trailer: The Digital Economy

DBB Motivation Trailer: The Digital Platforms

Course Opinions

I am thankful for the Online-Course – now, I am able to better understand the technical Terms as well as the practical Knowledge and I gained many Insights. The Course is graphically well designed, the technical Implementation of the Course is very professional." 

Daniel Koler, Online-Course Participant

“The online version of the Digital Business Beginner-Course is very informative and well prepared in a didactic way. It provides an excellent basis for my professional activity." 

Ralf Oberhuber, Online-Course Participant

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