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Course Objectives


Acquire the latest professional Skills for the Digital Economy and for Digital Transformations in Companies, and increase your future career prospects into the bargain. You will also develop potential competitive Advantages for your Company in the face of Online-Competition and learn about the Basics of Digital Business Processes and Models. 

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Course Content

Digital Change, Digital Transformation, Digital Economy, Digital Innovations; these are just a few of the Buzzwords we read about in the Context of Digital Business. Participants on this Online-Course learn all about the Basics of Digital Business Processes and Models, the worldwide Online-Competition and find out how digital added values are created on the Web.

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The part-time Basic-Course for the Digital Economy

As an Online-Course to build up Digital Skills for Digital Business Models 
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In our web-based Online-Course, Participants get to know the theoretical Basics and the practical Implications of digital Business Processes and Business Models. A special Focus will be on the different Online-Platforms, Online-Communication and Online-Competition. The Online-Course "Digital Business Beginner" is the perfect introduction!
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Online-Course from the University of Duisburg-Essen as a career opportunity
for vocational school students, trainees, students and employees in companies
Already over 700 satisfied and successful participants!

Digital Business Beginner: The Online-Course for getting started in the Digital Economy

Now you can acquire fundamental Knowledge about Digital Business Processes and Business Models anywhere and anytime – as a self-study Course alongside your Job. It has never been easier to get ready for the Digital Economy! We offer an elaborate Presentation of the learning Content including Text, Images, Sound, Video, Animations, Interactive Graphics etc.


Divided into six Chapters with lots of different Media Formats and interesting Contents, the Course will equip you to find your way successfully around the Digital Economy – from your Home or at the Workplace. Our cloud-based learning System means you can learn whenever and wherever you like. Professionally prepared Contents and attractive Media Formats are fun to use and increase your Knowledge. The attractive Price for the Course is only 74.90 € per Participant (40 Hours Workload = 1.87 Euro/Hour; only over Group License available)!

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Course Manager

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann is a chaired Professor of Digital Business and Digital Entrepreneurship at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Since 1996 her has addressed Research Questions in the fields of the Internet, Digital Business and Digital Commerce. As a Co-Founder of AutoScout24, he is among the Pioneers of the German Internet Economy and digital Marketplaces. As a Researcher, Teacher, Coach, Expert, Investor, but also political thought Leader, he is among the 50 most important People of the German Startup-Scene, according to the Business Punk Magazine. The successful Author of numerous Books and practice-based and expert Articles in the field of Digital Business, he received a special Prize at the UNESCO “Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting Award” for his innovative teaching Concept. Learn more...

Website for Digital Entrepreneurship:

Course Partners
Course Opinions

"The issue of training our employees regarding the digital transformation gains top priority at Klöckner. The Digital Business Beginner-Course by Prof. Kollmann is the core of our Digital Academy and has led to an enormous activation and enthusiasm in our workforce. Shortly after the start all expectations were exceeded and by now we also have an English, French and soon also Dutch language version on offer."

Gisbert Rühl, CEO Klöckner & Co SE

"The Digital Business Beginner-Course is a good Opportunity to gain first important Insights and fundamental Knowledge about the Digital Economy."

Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki, Cologne Business School

"The Digital Business Beginner-Course provides all the Information you need to introduce you to the Digital Economy, to understand the Chances in this Field and to use them to your own Advantage."

Dr. Oliver Grün, President of the Federal Association of IT-SMEs, Germany

"Nowadays it is becoming more and more important for all Employees to learn about the Digital Economy and this Digital Business Beginner-Course is the perfect Way to get started."

Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller-Lietzkow, President of the HafenCity University Hamburg

Course Reports

A professional web-based Digital Business Beginner-Course at a University level. Good introduction into the Topic. Due to short learning Session, it is particularly suitable for using it at the Workplace. A “must have” for any Employee and Business Leader who has to face the future of Digitization. Learn more...

Everyone talks about Digitization nowadays. This web-based Digital Business Beginner-Course is a perfect Start for those who want to get involved now - not only in Companies. We have already seen many different Online-Courses, but this one plays an outstanding Role.. Learn more...

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